同款衣装穿出个性 盘点十大“同款名人”穿衣经

If there’s one thing even the most fabulous fashionistas have in common with the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world, it’s that finding a signature style or outfit can be life-changing.

如果说最潮的时尚达人和马克 扎克伯格之类的科技男有什么相似之处的话,那就是他们都找到了自己标志性的风格或服装,而这会带来很大的改变。

Not only can wearing something you feel great in boost your confidence, but having a uniform can also help prevent clothing waste, an issue that negatively impacts the environment every single day.


Hear us out.


If we, as consumers, can actively cut back on our purchases and invest in just a few pieces that we wear over and over, we can make a difference.


Basically, less clothing = less waste = a happy environment and an even happier wallet.


Need some inspiration? We’ve rounded up 10 of the most famous outfit repeaters below. Some of them take repeating very literally, wearing the same particular piece several times. Others take a looser translation, repeating a specific style but maybe not necessarily wearing the same piece over and over. Either way, take inspiration from this idea: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


1. Karl Lagerfeld


同款衣装穿出个性 盘点十大“同款名人”穿衣经

Despite varying iterations of the jacket, Lagerfeld is rarely seen without a black suit, white tie, gloves and of course, those sunglasses.

虽然西装外套的款式一直在变,但是拉格斐几乎一直都穿着黑色西装,佩戴白色领带、手套,当然啦,还有那些经典墨镜。(图片来源:Getty Images)

(L to R): At the Toronto Art Shoppe Lofts and Condos in April 2015, at the Fendi Roma 90 Years Anniversary in July 2016, At the Chanel haute couture show in Paris on July 5, 2016.

(从左至右):2015年4月多伦多Art Shoppe Lofts and Condos楼盘开幕现场;2016年7月Fendi Roma 90周年庆上;2016年7月5日巴黎香奈儿高级女士时装秀上。

2. The Duchess of Cambridge


同款衣装穿出个性 盘点十大“同款名人”穿衣经

Fans swoon over Duchess Kate’s style, but love her even more for her famous outfit repeats.

粉丝们都喜欢凯特王妃的穿衣风格,也因为她重复穿同一件衣服而更加爱戴她。(图片来源:Getty Images)

(L to R): At the premiere of War Horse in January 2012, at a reception and dinner in November 2012, at London’s Natural History Museum in December 2013.


3. Mark Zuckerberg


同款衣装穿出个性 盘点十大“同款名人”穿衣经

Mark Zuckerberg is the tech world’s Doug Funnie, and he’s got the now famous closet shot to prove it.

马克·扎克伯格就是科技界的Doug Funnie(动画片《阿德日记》主人公),而最近对他出了名的衣橱的探访也证明了这一点。

(L to R): At the F8 Facebook Developers Conference in San Francisco in April 2016, at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Stanford in June 2016, in Sun Valley in July 2016.

(从左至右):2016年4月旧金山,Facebook F8开发者大会;2016年6月斯坦福,全球创业峰会; 2016年7月硅谷。

4. Adele


同款衣装穿出个性 盘点十大“同款名人”穿衣经

Adele is so committed to outfit recycling she is wearing just one Burberry dress for the entire length of her tour. Just one dress!


(L to R): On tour in Phoenix in August 2016, on tour in Amsterdam in June 2016, on tour in Seattle in July 2016.


5. Steve Jobs


同款衣装穿出个性 盘点十大“同款名人”穿衣经

Arguably the most famous master of the uniform, Steve Jobs was rarely seen without that black turtleneck and jeans.

可以说,最有名的“制服”大师就是乔布斯了,很少看见他除黑色高领和牛仔裤外的装扮了。(图片来源:Getty Images)

(L to R): At Macworld Expo in Tokyo in February 2000, at the new iPad launch in San Francisco in January 2010, at the Apple/U2 iPod release in San Jose in October 2004.

(从左至右):2000年2月东京,Macworld博览会上;2010年1月旧金山,新一代iPad发布会现场;2004年10月圣何塞,苹果U2 iPod发布会上。

6. Hillary Clinton


同款衣装穿出个性 盘点十大“同款名人”穿衣经

You don’t think “pant suit” without also thinking Hillary. She has, over the years, mastered this powerful look.

一想到希拉里就会想到长裤西服套装。这么多年她已经十分精通这种强势的装扮。(图片来源:Getty Images)

(L to R): At a campaign event in Reno in August 2016, at a voter registration rally in Philadelphia in August 2016, at the “Ellen Degeneres Show” in Los Angeles in September 2015.


7. Kanye West


同款衣装穿出个性 盘点十大“同款名人”穿衣经

Mr. West loves dressing in coordinating casual wear so much that he’s spent most of his NYC summer doing it.

“侃爷”热衷于穿休闲套装,每年在纽约度夏的时候都这么穿。(图片来源:Getty Images)

(L to R): At the VMAs in New York City in August 2016, out in New York City in August 2016, at the Power 106 Powerhouse show in Anaheim in June 2016.

(从左至右):2016年8月纽约,MTV音乐录影带大奖现场;2016年8月纽约,外出;2016年6月阿纳海姆,Power 106 Powerhouse表演现场。

8. Ellen Degeneres


同款衣装穿出个性 盘点十大“同款名人”穿衣经

A blazer, skinny pants and button downs round out Degeneres’ signature style.

夹克、紧身裤、系扣衬衫是德詹尼丝的标志性风格。(图片来源:Getty Images)

(L to R): On Jimmy Kimmel in Los Angeles in June 2016, at the People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles in January 2016, at a taping of her show in Los Angeles in September 2015.


9. Taylor Swift


同款衣装穿出个性 盘点十大“同款名人”穿衣经

Queen of the crops, T-Swift and her bare-midriff-high-waisted-skirt combo epitomize “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

短发女王泰勒·斯威夫特的露脐装和高腰裙的搭配很好的诠释了:“如果东西没有坏,那就不要修理它。”(图片来源:Getty Images)

(L to R): At the VMAs in Los Angeles in August 2015, on tour in Shanghai in November 2015, at the Grammys in Los Angeles in February 2016.


10. Sofia Vergara


同款衣装穿出个性 盘点十大“同款名人”穿衣经

Sofia Vergara and strapless, form-fitting gowns go together like a really well-dressed peanut butter and jelly.

索菲亚·维加拉和她的无肩带贴身礼服就好像卖相精致的花生酱与果酱一样,谁也离不开谁。(图片来源:Getty Images)

(L to R): At the Vanity Fair Oscar party in Los Angeles in February 2016, at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles in January 2016, at the Oscars in Los Angeles in February 2016.