题目1 :Try to imagine what will happen when more and more robots take the place of human beings in industry as well as people’s daily lives.

沈阳新东方 魏靖人老师范文:

Nowadays, when it comes to the issues of robots, individuals’ opinions vary from person to person. Some people believe that robots will enlighten our life, while other are worried about that they will ruin the whole world. As I see, the increasing number of robots has the power to alter everything in the coming future entirely. 【开篇点题,陈述观点】

First and foremost, it can be imagined and predicted that people’ life will be absolutely and definitely easier for the future generation with the growing number of computer machines. There is no need for people to endeavor to finish those complicated working stuff, which will be replaced by only a few computer progress. All of them can be completed by these smart robots quickly and perfectly. In addition, people will save much more time and energy when they deal with a task, because robots are their ideal replacement for these tough problems. As a result, it will save them plenty of time for feeling communication or even some rest. 【第二部分提出论据,支持论点】

In a word, the growing number of robots will change our lifestyle for sure. Only by these robots will we witness and experience an exceptional comforting life. 【总结文章,再次强化观点】

题目2 :Try to imagine what will happen when people spend more and more time in the virtual world instead of interacting in the real world.

Nowadays, when it comes to the issues of living in the virtual world, individuals’ opinions vary from person to person. Some people believe that the virtual world and its colorful and all-mighty contents will enlighten our life, while other are worried about that it will ruin the whole society. As I see it, the issue that an increasing number of people are indulging in the virtual world can hardly be postponed in the coming future.

First and foremost, it can be imagined and predicted that people’ life will be absolutely and definitely changed for the future generation with computer machines and social network becoming pervasive. There is no need for people to endeavor to finish those complicated working stuff any more, which will be replaced by only a few computer progress. In addition, that quick way to handle problems will also isolate people and hinder the communication between them. Consequently, they may be increasingly indifferent and cold-blooded since people are separated entirely.

In a word, the trend that individuals choose to live in the virtual world will becoming more and more prevalent for sure. It is time that we should take some immediate measures at the moment.

题目3:Try to imagine what will happen when people spend more and more people study online instead of attending school.

Nowadays, when it comes to the issues of e-learning in the virtual world, individuals’ opinions vary from person to person. Some people believe that e-learning on the Internet will bring us great convenience, while others are worried about that it will ruin the nature of study. As I see it, the issue that an increasing number of people are indulging in the e-learning can hardly be postponed in the coming future.

First and foremost, it can be imagined and predicted that students’ life will be absolutely and definitely changed for the future generation with e-learning becoming pervasive. There is no need for students to endeavor to finish those complicated study at school, which will be replaced by some on-line courses. However, that quick way to make achievements in study will also isolate students and hinder the communication between them. Consequently, they may be growingly indifferent and cold-blooded and lack social skills since they are separated entirely.

In a word, it is beneficial for students to choose sort of on-line course, while the face-to-face studying process at school also plays a significant role. It is time that we should place great emphasis on this issue and take some proper methods to enhance the situation.




沈阳新东方 王佳老师版:

Shenzhen, a newly-developing country in Guangdong Province, China, was only a fishing village with about 30 000 population before the Reform and Opening up. In 1980s, Chinese government made Shenzhen the special economic zone as the experimental field of the market-oriented economy. Now, Shenzhen, with population of over 100 million, has witnessed its own radical changes.

In 2014, the per-capita GDP of Shenzhen has been 25,000 dollars, the level of some developed countries in the world. As for the comprehensive power, Shenzhen has been ranked the top among Chinese cities. Shenzhen’s unique geographic position brings both domestic and overseas entrepreneurs an ideal place to start their career.

旗袍(qipao)是一种雅致的中国服饰,源于中国的满族(Manzu Nationality)。在清代,旗袍是王室女性穿着的宽松长袍。上世纪20年代,受西方服饰的影响,旗袍发生了一些变化。袖口(cuffs)变窄,袍身变短。这些变化使女性美得以展现。


Qipao, as an exquisite Chinese clothing, originates from China's Manchu Nationality. In the Qing Dynasty , it was a loose robe specially for the royal women. In the 1920s, influenced by Western clothing, it embraced many changes, for example, narrower the cuffs and shorter the dress. These changes enabled Qipao to fully express women’s beauty. Nowadays, Qipao quite often appears on world-class fashion shows. It is usually the first choice for Chinese women as they attend social parties. Meanwhile, many Chinese brides will select it as their wedding dress. Some influential personalities even suggest making it as the national costume for Chinese women.



China's innovation is booming at an unprecedented speed. In order to catch up with the developed countries in the world in science and technology as soon as possible, China has increased dramatically in recent years.The research and development is extremely rapid. China's universities and research institutes are actively carrying out innovative researches. These studies cover from large data to biochemistry, new energy to the robot and other high-tech fields. They also work with the park, which is a innovation commercialization. At the same time, either in products or business models, Chinese entrepreneurs are also trying to be the pioneers of innovation, aiming at adapting to consumers’ market, whichhas constantly changing and growing demand both at home and abroad.


Conversation One:

W: So Mike, you managed the innovation project at Two Santack.

M: I did indeed.

W: Well then, first congratulations. It seems to have been very successful.

M: Thanks, yes. I really help things turn around at Two Santact.

W: What is the revival in their fortune? Did it highly do to a strategic situation?

M: Yes, yes I think it was. Santack was a company was much following a pack, doing everyone else was doing. I getting rapidly left behind. I could see there were a lot of talent there and some great potential. Particularly in their product development. I just harness that some help.

W: Was the innovation the core of the project?

M: Absolutely, if it doesn’t sound like too much cliché. Our world is constantly changing and changing quickly. Mini to be innovating constantly to keep up with this. Standstill, you stop.

W: No stop for sneaking the roses?

M: Well, I will do that my personal life sure. But as a business strategy, I’m afraid there is no stopping.

W: What exactly is the strategic innovation then?

M: Strategic innovation is the process of managing innovation of making sure to take place all levels of the company and that is related to the company’s overall strategy.

W: I see.

M: So, instead of innovation for innovation sake and new products being simply because of the technology is there, the company culture must switch from these pointing time innovations to continue high innovation from everywhere and everyone.

W: How did you alliance strategy throughout the company?

M: I soon became aware of the complaint useless. People take no notice. Simply it came about through the practice trickling down. This up and set. People could see it was the best work.

W: Does innovation on a scale really give competitive advantage?

M: I am certain of it. Absolutely. Especially it was difficult for a copy. The risk is the core that the innovation to limitation.

W: But now is it strategic?

M: precisely.

W: Thanks for talking to us.

M: Sure.

1. What seems to have been very successful according to the woman speaker?

2. What did the company lack before the company was implemented?

3. What did the man say he should do in his business?

4. What does the man say is the risk of the innovation?


conversation 2

M:Todaymy guest is Dana who has worked for the last twenty years as aninterpreter. Dana, welcome.


M:Now,I’d like to begin by saying that I have on the occasions used an interpretermyself as a foreign correspondent.So I’m full of memo rations for what youdo.6. But I think your profession is sometimes underrated and many people thinkanyone who speaks more than one language can do it.

W:Thereare any interpreters I know who don’t have professional qualifications and

training. You only really get profession after many years in the job.

M:Andsay you can divide what you do into two distinct methods simultaneous and

consecutive interpreting.

W:That’sright.7. The techniques you use aredifferent.And a lot of interpreters would say one is easier than the other,less stressful.

M:Simultaneousinterpreting, putting someone’s words into another language more or less asthey speak, sounds to me like the more difficult.

W:Well,actually no.8.Most people in the business would agree that consecutiveinterpreting is the more stressful. You have to wait for the speaker to deliverquite a chunk of language before you then put it into the second language whichputs your short term memory under in tense stress.

M:Youmight know presumably?

W:Absolutely.Anythinglike numbers, names, places have to be noted down, but the rest is never

translated word for word. You have found the way of summarizing it. So that themessages arethere, turning every single word into the target language wouldput too much strain on the interpreter and slow down the whole process toomuch.

M:Butwhile simultaneous interpreting you start translating almost as soon as the

other person starts speaking, you must have some preparation beforehand.

W:Well,hopefully, the speakers will outline of the topic a day or two in advance, you

have a low time to do research prepare technical expressions and so on

Q:5.Whatare the speakers mainly talking about?

6.Whatdoes the man think of Dana’s profession?

7.Whatis Dana say about the interpreters she knows?

8.Whatdo most of interpreters think of consecutive interpreting?

Section B

Passage 1

Mothers have been warnedfor years that sleeping with their new born infant is a bad idea because it increases the risk that the baby might die unexpectedly during the night.But now Israeli researchers are reporting that even sleeping in the same room can have negative consequences, not for the child, but for the mother.Mothers who slept in the same room with their infants, whether in the same bed or just the same room, have poor sleep the mother whose baby slept else where in the house. They woke up more frequently or awake approximately 20 minutes longer per night and have shorter period of uninterrupted sleep. These results how true even taking into account that many of the women in the study were breast-feeding their babies. Infants, on the other hand, didn’t appear to have worse sleep whether they slept in the same or different room from their mothers. The researchers acknowledge that since the families they studied were all middle classes Israelis. It is possible that the results will be different in different cultures. Lead author TTTT wrote in an email that the research team also didn’t measure father sleep. So it is possible that patterns could also be causing the sleep disruptions for mums. Right now, to reduce the risk of sudden infant death in the room, the AmericanAcademy of PD recommends the mothers not sleep in the same bed with their babies, but sleep in the same room. The Israeli study suggests that doing so, may be best for the baby, but may take at all on mum.

9What is the long health view about the mother sleeping with new-born babies?

10 What do Israeli researchers’ findings show?

11What does the American Academy’s PD recommend mothers do?



The US has already lost more than a third of the native languages that existed before European colonization and the remaining 192 are classed by the UNESCO as ranging between unsafe and extinct."We need more funding and more effort to return these languages to everyday use," says Fred Nowosky of the National museum of the American Indians, "we are making progress, but money needs to be spent on revitalizing languages, not just documenting them." Some reported languages mainly in California and Oklahoma where thousands of Indians were forced to relocate in the 19th century have fewer than 10 native speakers. Part of the issue is that tribal groups themselves don't always believe their languages are endangered until they are down to the last handful of speakers. "But progress is being made through emerging schools, because if you teach children when they are young, it will stay with them as adults and that is the future." says Fred Nowosky. Such schools have become a model in Hawaii, but the islanders' native language are still classed by the UNESCO as critically endangered because only 1000 people speak it. The decline in the American African languages has historical roots. In the mid 19th century, the US government adopted a policy of Americanizing Indian children by removing them from their homes and cultures. Within a few generations, most have forgotten their native tongues. Another challenge to language survival is television. It has brought English into homes, and pushed out traditional storytelling and family time together, accelerating the extinction of native languages.

Questions 12-15 are based on the passage you just heard.

12. What can we learn from the report?

13. For what purpose does Fred Nowosky appeal from the funding?

14. What is the historical cause of the decline of the American Indian Languages?

15. What does the speaker say about television?

Section C

Lecture one

Gragroszen lost her job as a sales manager nearly three years ago.and it is still unemployed.it is literally like something a dream to remember what it is like to actually be able to go out and it Puts the days to work and receive a day pay

At first Rosen made house payments with the help unemployment insurance.it pays late of workers to have their previous wages law they look for work. But now the insurance has run out for him and it has to make tough choices. He comes back on medications and he no longer support his disabled mother. It is devastating experiences. New researchers says the US recession that is now over. But many people remain unemployed and unemployed workers face difficult odds. There is literally only one job opening for every five unemployed workers. So Four out of five workers have no chance of finding job. Business have down-sized or shutdown across America, leading fewer job opportunities for those in search of work. Experts who monitor unemployed statistic in box Pennsylvania say about twenty-eight thousand people are unemployed and many of them are jobless do to no force of their own.

Local directer Elizabeth says they provide trading guidance to help find local job opportunity. So here is job opening . Here is job seeker. But the lack of work opportunities limit how much she can help. Rosen says he hopes congress will take action. This month, he launched the nineteen unions and organizations of eighteen internet based grass root gross groups

Their goal is to convince law makers to extend unemployed benefits. But Pennsylvania says government simply do not have enough money to extend unemployment insurance.he thinks the best way to help long-term unemployed is to allow local company that can create more jobs . But the boost investigator for the plan to work will take time Time that Rosen says requires food and payments . Rosen says who uses the last stating to try to hang on to he worked for more than twenty years to buy. But one study is gone . He doesn’t know what hell do


16 how does the unemployment insurance help the unemployed?

17.What is the local director Elizabeth of the box county careering doing?

18.What does Pennsylvania state representative say is the best way to help long-term unemployed?

Lecture 2:

W:19.Earlier this year, British explorers Pen Huddle and his team tried three months to cross the frozen Arctic ocean taking measurements and recording observations about the ice.

M:While we have been believed that we would be in account of a good proportion of this older, thicker, technically multi-year ice that has been around for a few years and just get thicker and thicker. we actually find there wasn’t any multi-year ice at all.

W: Some observations and summering service over the past several years has shown less ice in the polar region. 20.But the recent measurements show the lost is more pronounced than the previous thought.

M:We are looking at roughly 80 percent loss of ice cover on the Arctic ocean in ten years, roughly ten years and 100 percent loss in nearly twenty years. Cambridge Scientist Peter Whitens who is measuring the findings that in the summer season . 21.But research management shows the lost of than previous thought. We are roughly looking at the percent ice cover for ten years. roughly ten years about 100 percent invisible. The more you lose, the more you created during the summit The less forms in winter, the following in summer. It comes down brain successes until it has gone. environmental treaty worldwide like fun. The artists say ice in the symptom. fast than expected. Actually, it has to translate into more urgency to deal with climate changing problems and reduce emissions. Greenhouse emissions blame for global warming needs to come out the by the change summit in December. we have basically achieved there, to communicate the deal. that’s the minimum.

M:We has to do that incredibly. And that we have to find the equipment .What the needs urgency The carbon we produce into the atmosphere keeps the warming fire for 1000 years. 22.So we have to come back the rapidly now. Because it takes a long time to work it through into our response by the atmosphere. We cannot switch off global warming. We have to stop being good in the near future. We had to now. There is not easy technological What is more easy to climate change. He and other scientists said there are the two optional to replace the fasten fuels. Generally, energy with the global warming in nuclear power.

Q19: What did Pen Huddle and his team do in the Arctic Ocean?

Q20: What does the report say about the Arctic region?

Q21: What does Cambridge scientist Peter Whitens say in his study?

Q22: How these Peter Whitens view common change?

Lecture 3

From a very early age, some children exhibit better self-control than others. Now, a new study began with 1,000 children in New Zealand tracked how low self-control can predict poor health, money troubles and even a criminal record in their adult years. Researchers has been studying the group of children for decades now. Some of the early observations have to do with the level of self-control the youngsters displayed parents, teachers, even the kids themselves, scored the youngsters on measures like "acting before thinking" and "persistence in reaching goals." The children of the study are now adults in their thirties. Terrie Moffitt of Duke University and her research colleague found that kids with self-control issues tended to grow up to become adults with a far more troubling set of issues to deal with. "The children who had the lowest self-control when they were age three to 10, later on had the most health problems in their thirties," Moffitt said, "and they had the worst financial situation. They were more likely to have a criminal record and to be raising a child as a single parent on a very low income.""Even the children who had above-average self-control as pre-schoolers, could have benefited from more self-control training. They could have improved their financial situation and their physical and mental health situation 30 years later."So, children with minor self-control problems were likely as adults to have minor health problems, and so on.Moffitt said it's still unclear why some children have better self-control than others, though other researchers have found that it's mostly a learned behavior, with relatively little genetic influence. But good self-control can run in families because children with good self-control are more likely to grow up to be healthy and prosperous parents. "Whereas some of the low-self-control study members are more likely to be single parents with a very low income and the parent is in poor health and likely to be a heavy substance abuser," said Moffitt. "So that's not a good atmosphere for a child. So it looks as though self-control is something that in one generation can disadvantage the next generation."But the good news, according to Moffitt, is that self-control can be taught by parents, and through school curricula that have been shown to be effective. But the good news is the Moffitt says that self-control can be taught by the parents and through school curricula that have proved to be effective. Terry Moffitt’s paper on the link on self-control and adult status is later is published proceeding the academy of sciences.

23. What is the new study about?

24. What does the study seem to show?

25. What does Moffitt say is the good news to the study?



26. 正确选项 O undertakes

27. 正确选项 K occupation

28. 正确选项 H existence

29. 正确选项 J intolerant

30. 正确选项 A automatically

31. 正确选项 N slightly

32. 正确选项 E emphasizing

33. 正确选项 M recession

34. 正确选项 D confused

35. 正确选项 B beneficial

36. 正确选项 I

With a tax imposed on expensive health insurance plans, most employers will likely transfer money from health expense into wages.

37. 正确选项 C

Changes in policy would be approved or rejected as a whole so that lobbyists would find it hard to influence lawmakers.


38. 正确选项 L

It is not easy to curb the rising medical costs in America.

39 正确答案 D

Standardization of forms for automatic processing will save a lot of medical expenses.

40 正确答案K

Republications and the insurances industry are strongly opposed to the creation of a public insurances


Conversion of paper to electronic medical records will help eliminate redundant tests and prevent drug interactions

42. 正确选项 G

The light cost of medical services and unnecessary tests and treatments have driven up medical expenses.

43. 正确选项 A

One main factor that has driven up medical expenses is that doctors are compensated for the amount of care rather than its effect.

44. 正确选项 N

Contrary to analysts’ doubts, the author believes drug prices may be lowered through negotiation.

45. 正确选项 J

Fair competition might create a strong incentive for insurers to charge less.


Passage one

46. 正确选项C Interactive television advertising is successful when incorporated into situation comedies.

47. 正确选项C Somewhat doubtful.

48. 正确选项C It has placed TV advertising at a great disadvantage.

49. 正确选项B It has done well in engaging the viewers.

50. 正确选项A They may be due to the novel way of advertising.

Passage Two

51. 正确选项B Insufficient demand.

52. 正确选项D Groundless.

53. 正确选项A The booming defense industry.

54. 正确选项A Powerful opposition to government’s stimulus efforts.

55. 正确选项C To show the urgent need for the government to take action.

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