That'll put hairs on your chest! 那会使你健康强壮!

That'll put hairs on your chest! 那会使你健康强壮!

That'll put hairs on your chest! 那会使你健康强壮!


菲菲和朋友在酒馆小聚,朋友鼓励她尝试喝烈性酒并对她说“Drink it, it’ll put hairs on your chest”。菲菲不理解这个表达的意思,所以在本期节目里,她请 Rob 来讲解这个表达的意思和使用方法。


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Rob:Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English. I'm Rob.

Feifei:大家好!我是冯菲菲。欢迎加入《地道英语(精品课)》节目。在这期节目里我想请 Rob 给大家讲一讲一个我刚听到的表达。Rob, I have a question about a saying that I heard recently. Can we talk about it in this programme?

Rob:Yes, Feifei, of course we can - what is it?

Feifei:我听到这个表达的过程是这样的:昨晚我和几个朋友在酒馆里小聚,大家喝得很高兴,后来他们提议烈酒吞杯,我不想参与,于是其中的一位朋友就说了“Drink it, it’ll put hairs on your chest!”我只听懂了前半句的意思是“让我喝”,可是 “it’ll put hairs on your chest” 是什么意思?I don’t want hairs on my chest!

Rob:Ha ha! I’m sure you don’t. That’s a very funny saying, isn’t it Feifei? ‘It’ll put hairs on your chest’ in that context means it’s good for you, it’ll make you a strong man, or a woman!

Feifei:To have hairs on my chest means I’m a strong person? What a strange expression!

Rob:Yes, I suppose it is a little strange. Traditionally, we say ‘that’ll put hairs on your chest’ to someone when they are about to have a very strong alcoholic drink or a very satisfying hearty meal. It is used in a humorous way.

Feifei:原来是这样 - 以前,人们会半开玩笑的、幽默的对准备喝烈性酒或要饱餐一顿的人说“that’ll put hairs on your chest”,以示鼓励。那么现在我们还能怎么使用这个表达呢?Can we use this saying in any other context?

Rob:Yes, we can. These days we can use this saying in many contexts. For example, we can use it to mean something that will make you healthy, strong and tough.

Feifei:Can we hear some examples, please?

Rob:Of course, we can.


Have another drink! It’ll put hairs on your chest.

Why don’t you try the spicy fish dish? That’ll put hairs on your chest.

I was told eating dates everyday would put hairs on my chest.

Have some more green vegetables – they’ll put hairs on your chest.

Feifei:在现代生活中,我们可以用 put hairs on one’s chest 来形容某物对人有好处,或使人健康、强壮。

Rob:Yes. So Feifei, would you like to try some sloe gin that I’ve made for Christmas?

Feifei:Sloe gin? 黑刺李金酒。Mmm, I will only have some if it doesn’t puts hairs on my chest.

Rob:Ha, I am sure it won’t…

Feifei:Thank you! See you next time.


That'll put hairs on your chest! 那会使你健康强壮!

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