Take a back seat 退居二线

Is this the place to sit if you want to lose control?




The script of this programme 本节目台词

Feifei: 大家好,欢迎收听《地道英语(课程)》节目。我是冯菲菲,还有我的搭档 Rob。

Rob: Feifei, keep your eyes on the road! Look where you're going.

Feifei: OK, OK! Rob让我一边主持节目一边开车。Why exactly am I driving my car?

Rob: Well, I really wanted you to understand the phrase we're going to learn today. But I'm going to leave it all to you.

Feifei: 诶,活儿我都干了,你干什么呢?So what are you going to do then?

Rob: Oh nothing. I'm just going to a take a back seat today. You carry on, I'll just watch.

Feifei: Take a back seat? 你今天退居二线,让我来统管。So you're going to let me take control - do all the work - while you sit there and watch?

Rob: Yes - look, I'm just sitting here - on the back seat.

Feifei: Oh I get it! To take the back seat 是一个成语表达,意思是退居次位,让别人来处理大小事儿。

Rob: That's it Feifei. Let's hear from some other people who are 'taking a back seat'...


Mary was happy to take a back seat and let Jim run the meeting.

I'm going to take a back seat this year and let you decide where we go on holiday.

Now he's getting older he's decided to take a back seat in running the company.

Feifei: To take a back seat 的意思就是“退居二线”。Rob, does this mean you're just being lazy?

Rob: Of course not Feifei. It just means I'm letting you have a turn at being in charge - I trust you - although... What are you doing?!

Feifei: Letting you take a back seat while I show you how to really drive!

Rob: Feifei! Watch out for that roundabout... and that traffic light... aren't you driving a bit fast?

Feifei: Rob - don't be such a back seat driver!

Rob: A what?

Feifei: A back seat driver - someone who offers unwanted advice - someone who tells the driver how to drive. But we'll save that expression for another day!

Rob: OK OK - but you are going really fast - can I take the front seat now?

Feifei: Stay where you are!

Both: Bye.