In black and white 白纸黑字

In black and white 白纸黑字

Some things are only black and white!




The script of this programme 本节目台词

Feifei: 欢迎收听BBC英语(课程)教学制作的《地道英语》。大家好,我是冯菲菲。

Rob: ...and me Rob. Hello. So Feifei have you heard the news?

Feifei: The news? What news?

Rob: We're all going to get a big pay rise!

Feifei: 我们要涨工资?But Rob are you sure? I haven't heard anyone else talk about it.

Rob: Yes, yes, I'm sure. Look at this leaflet... it says that just there in black and white.

Feifei: In black and white? 黑白?这明明是彩色的。But it's in colour - look, it says 'ten per cent' in red letters.

Rob: I don't mean it's printed in black and white - if someone says it's 'in black and white' they mean it's official - it's been printed or written down - so there's no dispute!

Feifei: In black and white 就是我们常说的“白纸黑字”,用来形容一件事情或一项决定被正式的记录下来,已被认可或已成定局。这么说涨工资的事儿是真的了?So you're saying it's not gossip - it's true?

Rob: Yes, yes – I have proof on this piece of paper.

Feifei: OK, let me read it while we hear some more examples of this phrase…

I have it here in black and white - I've got the job!

I'm not going to start celebrating until I've seen the deal in black and white.

We didn't believe the bank's offer of a loan until we saw it in black and white.

Feifei: 当一件事情被清清楚楚的用白纸黑字记录下来成为事实后,我们就可以说这件事情 in black and white。But why in 'black and white' and not in 'red and blue' for example?

Rob: Well it comes from the early days of printing when news and information was printed in black ink on white paper. Once something was printed it was official.

Feifei: OK - but hold on Rob - I've read this leaflet and it doesn't say we're getting a 10% pay rise. 这张海报上没说我们工资会涨 10%,它说我们的工资“应该”涨 10% - it just says we deserve a 10% pay rise. So no pay rise for us Rob.

Rob: What? Are you sure?

Feifei: Yes - look, it says it there - at the top - in black and white!

Rob: Oh I didn't see that.

Feifei: It just shows you - even if something is in black and white - you need to be able to read first!

Rob: OK.

Both: Bye!