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双语阅读:欧洲杯意大利惨败 巴神哭红眼圈


双语阅读:欧洲杯意大利惨败 巴神哭红眼圈

Heartbroken: Mario Balotelli is unable to hold back the tears after defeat

Having hugged his adoptive mother Silvia at the final whistle of that awesome semi-final victory, having so wonderfully scored the goals to beat Germany, Mario Balotelli last night did what he said he sometimes does: he went from Super Mario to Stupid Mario.

He showed his two faces. He looked a very, very young 21 year-old at the final whistle when he immediately stormed off down the tunnel although no one could have doubted his commitment until things conspired against Italy, two down and down to 10 men after a cruel injury to their third substitute, and being toyed with by the champions Spain who stroked in two more goals.

It was hard to take and Balotelli can be forgiven for that and, eventually, there were tears of his own last night to go along with those already shed by his older team-mates, such as Andrea Pirlo, who had not bargedtheir way off.

He can be forgiven for it, of course, because of his age, to an extent, but also because he had a wonderful tournament in what was a wonderful narrative for the Italians before they faced probably the greatest national team to play the game with their legs feeling like they were filled with lead.

Rather than a star being born at this tournament, one still remains in the wings – to an extent – a Peter Pan (as Balotelli described himself) waiting to be fully airborne. In what became a finals dominated by stats and debate over their worth, there was an apparently telling one last night. According to Opta, Balotelli did not touch the ball inside the Spanish penalty area though to the naked eye, he appeared to carry a greater threat than that damningnote.

His behaviour at the end was undoubtedly petulant, unsavoury, especially when he pushed aside an Italian official who tried to stop him leaving. As he was implored to stay and acknowledge the supporters, he muttered under his breath but finally did emerge to rejoin his team-mates, swigginga bottle of water with a swagger that looked out of place.

Even as Balotelli was the last Italian player up to collect his loser’s medal he appeared almost vacant. But then there were those tears and he did look what he was - a young man struggling to deal with disappointment but also one whose actions, after a limited performance, had shown how ridiculous it was for his opportunistic agent, Mino Raiola, to have declared that his client was now worth £200 million. Knock a nought off that figure.

Balotelli’s actions were coming. He had held himself in check - largely - during the match although that fourth Spanish goal tipped him over the edge. As they celebrated, Balotelli was on his haunches on the halfway line, not moving for what seemed an eternity until the game eventually restarted. It was his simple inability to process it all. Maybe also a sign that too much had been expected of him.

半决赛中,凭借漂亮的射门打败德国队后,马里奥 巴洛特利拥抱了养母西尔维娅。而昨夜,巴神阙让大家见证了他自称不时会出现的一幕:由超级马里奥变成了蠢货马里奥。


这很难让人接受,巴洛克利的表现也可以原谅,然而昨夜,他与他那些没有愤然离场的老队友们最终都落泪了,其中包括安德里亚 皮尔洛。


与其说他是本届欧洲杯中冉冉升起的一颗新星,不如说是仍包裹在翅膀中——从某种程度上讲——待飞的彼得 潘(巴洛克利这样描述自己)。昨晚这场决赛充斥了大量数据和对球员价值的争论,不过有一条颇有揭示性。根据体育数据提供商Opta的资料,巴洛特利并没有在西班牙罚球区碰到球,尽管用肉眼看,他制造的威胁似乎比这个确凿证据所显示的要大得多。


巴洛特利是最后一个领取失败者奖牌的意大利队员,他神情木然。但随之而来的便是眼泪,一如他的本色——一个努力承受失落的年轻人。他欠佳的发挥令他的经纪人米诺 拉奥纳显得荒谬可笑。这位投机取巧的经纪人曾宣布他的客户现在身价2亿英镑。还是去掉一个零吧。










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